Workshop Workforce Reductions in Shipbuilding Industries: Approaches from a Global Labor History Perspective

Workforce reductions in shipbuilding industries: Approaches from a global labor history perspective

Convenor: Wonchul Shin

Session 1 (10: 00 ~ 12:30)
* The evolution of collective redundancy regime in South Korean shipbuilding industry: a case study of Hanjin Young-do shipyard (Wonchul Shin, Pusan National University)
* The Historical Development of Dismissal Protection: a Case Study of the German Shipbuilding Industry and the Bremer Vulkan Shipyard (Johanna Wolf, University of Leipzig )
* Workforce reductions in the Japanese shipbuilding industry (Takeshi HARAGUCHI, Kobe University)

Lunch break (12:30 ~ 14:00)
Session 2 (14:00~15:40)
* “Grey labour” in the Swedish shipbuilding industry, 1950-1980 (Tobias Karlsson, Lund University)
* The employment growth and contraction process in Setenave shipyard: a preliminary approach (Jorge Fontes, Nova University of Lisbon)

Coffee Break(15:40~16:00)
Session 3 (16:00~17:00)
* Reviews on shipbuilding labor history researches (Raquel Varela, Nova University of Lisbon)
* Comments (Marcel van der Linden, IISH)

Venue: Re:work Institute Georgenstr. 23, 10117 Berlin; Telephone: +49 (0)30 2093 702 00

Berlin 4


Berlin 2

Berlin 3Berlin 1



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