Article by Rubén Vega Garcia on Shipbuilding workers project

It’s now available the issue of Boletim edited by the Marxist Research Foundation with an article by Rubén Vega Garcia on “In the Same Boat project”.




Workshop Workforce Reductions in Shipbuilding Industries: Approaches from a Global Labor History Perspective

Workforce reductions in shipbuilding industries: Approaches from a global labor history perspective

Convenor: Wonchul Shin

Session 1 (10: 00 ~ 12:30)
* The evolution of collective redundancy regime in South Korean shipbuilding industry: a case study of Hanjin Young-do shipyard (Wonchul Shin, Pusan National University)
* The Historical Development of Dismissal Protection: a Case Study of the German Shipbuilding Industry and the Bremer Vulkan Shipyard (Johanna Wolf, University of Leipzig )
* Workforce reductions in the Japanese shipbuilding industry (Takeshi HARAGUCHI, Kobe University)

Lunch break (12:30 ~ 14:00)
Session 2 (14:00~15:40)
* “Grey labour” in the Swedish shipbuilding industry, 1950-1980 (Tobias Karlsson, Lund University)
* The employment growth and contraction process in Setenave shipyard: a preliminary approach (Jorge Fontes, Nova University of Lisbon)

Coffee Break(15:40~16:00)
Session 3 (16:00~17:00)
* Reviews on shipbuilding labor history researches (Raquel Varela, Nova University of Lisbon)
* Comments (Marcel van der Linden, IISH)

Venue: Re:work Institute Georgenstr. 23, 10117 Berlin; Telephone: +49 (0)30 2093 702 00

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