Workers, Scholars, and Activists in Support of the Preservation of the Haliç Shipyard

Over the past 600 years, the Golden Horn has stood as a symbol of Turkey’s industrial legacy to maritime trade, technological innovation, and cultural heritage.  Threatened by land speculation and disregard for the Maritime Arsenal’s neighbourhoods, we stand in solidarity with the shipyard workers, trade unions, professional organizations and the local residents to protest and resist the further dismantling of the Haliç Shipyards and the Arsenal.


Although developers argue in favor of the benefits of yachting harbours, luxury hotels, and shopping centres, history has shown that the long term value of shipbuilding, maritime trade, and technical invention is more sustainable than the latest economic fad.  The Haliç Shipyards have survived wars, financial downturns, and earthquakes only to rise again better and stronger.  We hope this will be a new chapter in the Golden Horn’s history not the conclusion.